About Private lessonS

  • Students have a choice to participate in a wide range of interests. Anywhere from classic blues/rock guitar, to orchestral and symphonic instruments, even vocal and studio production.  (And more)
  • I believe that live shows and communication through music is essential to the growth process of all artists.
  • Development of both original and cover content is not only great to show off on social media, but also a way to track progress throughout the program. 

What you get

  • Full studio access during lessons not only helps in creating content to reach goals, but also gives students a look into what happens behind the scenes. 
  • Free first lesson/consultation to help develop long and short term goals.
  • A unique curriculum tailored towards goals set by the individual student.
  • High quality lessons for your main interests, as well as exposure to other instruments and experiences necessary for live shows and personal musical connections. 
  • Contacts and connections to pursue other artists to create with, venues for live performances, and research tools to help guide students.
  • Reduced rates on studio projects pursued outside of private lessons. 
  • Flexible scheduling, perfect for someone who lives a busy lifestyle.

Pricing and booking

First Lesson free - Your first lesson/consultation is free. Try out the program and begin development of your curriculum, all before you buy your first package. Just sign up!

  • 4 week lesson package - 4 lessons ($120.00)
  • 6 week lesson package - 6 lessons ($180.00)
  • 8 week lesson package - 8 lessons ($240.00)
  • 10 week lesson package - 10 lessons ($300.00)