• MarcMusic Studio is a professional experience that is aimed to help bring an affordable option to the aspiring artist without sacrificing quality.

  • If you can't make it out to the studio, let the studio come to you. Mobile studio options are available to provide flexibility for artists.

  • We satisfy all artists needs from start to finish providing full audio production, cover music for online and personal use, backing tracks for the live performance, and even sound engineering for movies, commercials, and video blogs.

  • For every project to reach its full potential, a free consultation is offered to collect all thoughts and ideas in order to meet and deliver the needs of the artist. MarcMusic Studio accommodates every project with the desired sound, no matter the genre or format.

what you get

  • Free in person or over the phone consultation.

  • A passionate engineer that takes care of all the technical issues that go along with recording and audio processing.

  • No hourly rate. Price is set ahead of time and is based on the needs of each individual project, keeping you from worrying about studio hours or going over time.

  • Mobile studio options for the busy artist.

  • Contacts to other artists who specialize in visual content to go along with your new tracks.

  • Songwriting help whether you only have lyrics, or need the finishing touches to complete your vision and sound. MarcMusic Studio can assist in getting your project off the ground.